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#- Name [Country] [Website] [Fav. Character] [Fav. Scene/Line] [Comments]

001- Astraea [USA] [WWW] [Martin Fitzgerald] ["Shoes, boots, pumps, whatever."]
002- Vix [USA] [www] [Jack Malone] [Not that I don't love Sam, but when Jack tells her they have to end their little extra-marital affair... hehe]
003- Torie ibtf [USA] [WWW] [Samantha Spade] [When Jack is on the stand in court]
004- Jenn [USA] [www] [Danny Taylor]
005- Rosy [Italy] [WWW] [Martin Fitzgerald]
006- Michelle [USA] [WWW] [Samantha Spade] [The Jack/Sam bench scene]
007- Obsidian [USA] [www] [Jack...Sam...Jack...Sam... Do I have to decide? OK. Jack Malone.] [The bench scene. ]
008- midnightcaller [USA] [WWW] [Jack Malone] [Jack's confrontation with Farrell, and his testimony at the end. "It's my job."] [I love this episode, what else is there to say? Every interaction, every scene... it was all just episodic perfection.]
009- frankie [USA] [Jack Malone] [Jack and Sam on the park bench]
010- Eve [Germany] [WWW] [Samantha Spade]
011- HomiSidle [Canada] [WWW] [Samantha Spade] ["You shouldn't have lied."] [EEEEE. EEEEEEEEE. That is all.]
012- Fred [USA] [www] [Martin Fitzgerald] [Martin's eating habits]
013- Lisa [USA] [www] [Jack Malone] [Jack & Sam bench scene] [I started watching because of Anthony LaPaglia]
014- Agnieszka (Agrafka) [Poland] [Martin Fitzgerald] [Martin being questioned by Farrell]
015- Rebecca [Canada] [Samantha Spade] [Everything about the episode] [I got caught by surprise when i found out about Jack and Samantha's affair.I LUV W.A.T.!!]
016- Evie [Canada] [www] [Samantha Spade] ["They Know"]
017- Kaycee [Sumner WA, USA] [www] [Martin Fitzgerald] [] [I love this show]
018- Eileen [USA] [www] [Danny Taylor] [When they rip up the papers] [Cool site, they would be proud]
019- Jenna [USA] [www] [Samantha Spade] [Jack and Sam on the bench]
020- Djuna [USA] [A HREF=>WWW] [Danny Taylor] [Any scene with Danny]
021- Mary [USA] [WWW] [Samantha Spade] [The bench scene..:)]
022- Cassie Jamie [NY, USA] [WWW] [Jack Malone] [Ripping up the papers]
023- Anya [USA] [A HREF=>WWW] [Samantha Spade] [Jack and Sam, in his office.]
024- Cristina [Brazil] [www] [Danny Taylor]
025- Allie [USA] [www] [Samantha Spade and Jack Malone] [When sam tells off the agent (Farrell)]
026- ErinM [USA] [WWW] [All]
027- Sina [Germany] [WWW] [Samantha] [Bench Scene] [Ilove them!Jack n Sam 4 ever]
028- skye [Australia] [www] [Danny] [Any wit danny!:)] [Love without a trace and danny]
029- Lisa [Australia] [WWW] [Samantha Spade] [TOW it's over]
030- Cassie [USA] [WWW] [Martin Fitzgerald]
031- Riley [USA] [www] [Samantha Spade] [How do I choose?!] [WAT ROCKS! WOO!]
032- Tanja [Germany] [www] [Jack and Samantha] [When Jack breaks up with Sam]
033- Jenna [USA] [WWW] [Danny or Martin] [I like them all] [Without a Trace is sooooo cool!]
034- Brittany [USA] [www] [Samantha Spade] [Any scene with J and S]