Without A Trace (General):

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InFEDel Surveillance: Screencaps
Without A Trace: General screencaps, and Eric Close screencaps/pics along the bottom.
Without-A-Trace: Yahoo! Group
Maple Street: Yahoo! Group: J/S friendly group.
Maple Street: J/S friendly site with some great collages.

Anthony LaPaglia:

Who Is Anthony LaPaglia?
'Official' ALP Fan Club
Anthony LaPaglia: Biographical information and other goodies.

Poppy Montgomery:

Poppy Montgomery.net
Poppy Fanlisting

Marianne Jean-Baptiste:

Yahoo! Movies: Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Enrique Murciano:

Offical EM Site
Enrique Murciano Fanlisting

Eric Close:

Eric Close.net
Martin Fitzgerald fanlisting
Close Ups: Great EC picture site.