6.22.03- Updated airlistings. Started a new layout, which is why I haven't been updating this site for a while. Sorry. I'll try and be more puntual again.
5.29.03- Updated airlistings; added new joke; joined more fanlistings.
5.20.03- Updated airlistings.
5.19.03- Updated airlistings. Removed guestbook.
5.2.03- Added a new CSI fic "Confessions." Polite warning, it has upcoming spoilers for the episode "Playing With Fire" that has yet to air. Updated airlistings, added "Without A Trace" (long overdue). Edited "False Impressions."
4.19.03- Updated airlistings. Added 4 new icons (2 Grissom, 2 Sara). Added a new fanlisting, updated picture for another.
4.15.03- Updated airlistings.
4.11.03- Added "Icons" page. Contains 5 Nick, 1 Sara, and 3 Grissom/Sara icons.
4.9.03- Updated airlistings. Moved "Updates" to IFrame. Added new FanArt (CSI).