Here are some sites that I feel are definitely worth a visit. Send me a link if you'd like me to put your site here.

General Links

*~A wonderful site with fanfiction from all three shows, as well as many, many others. The Enterprise site is the best of the three featured here. ...Mightier Than The Sword

*~Fun little site: 50's-60's Real Audio Oldies Music Site!

*~Great FanArt of many different shows, including CSI, Buffy, 24, and Alias. Absolute

CSI Sites

*~This is the ultimate site for the Grissom/Sara 'shippers.

*~This site gets my vote for best official site for a show. You gotta check it out. CBS' Official CSI Website

*~Well designed website that's a plus for Jorja Fox fans. [we won't get fooled again]

Enterprise Sites

*~Fanfiction: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Profiler Sites

*~The best 'Believer' author out there, in my opinion. SJR Believer Fiction

*~The channel to catch reruns of Profiler is CourtTV. Check out their site to find out when your favorite episode is airing.

Charmed Sites

*~The official website of Charmed, which, if nothing else, has some nice high res pictures.

*~A wonderful site with a variety of things to read (and a ton of cool wallpapers!), whether as a hardcore fan or a 'beginner'. TRIO-UK: Charmed

*~An up and coming fanfiction site that's well worth looking at.

*~A must-see site for any fan of Julian McMahon. Contains some great pics:

Miscellaneous Sites

*~Shameless plug: The characters I have created that I use in the roleplaying world. These are their stories.

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