Welcome! When I saw the "Long Live the Queen" Charmed episode I decided that I had held off on 'publishing' my fanfiction for long enough. So I typed up my very first public piece the next afternoon, and started the rough draft of this site. Trust me, it may not seem like it, but it's come a very long way, lol. I hope you enjoy my stories.

My Ramble:

Send me some reviews! I've had this site up for a while now... and after 1000+ hits, you all know how many reviews I've gotten? None! Zip! :( Only reviews I've gotten have been off fanfiction.net. Please? Anything? Just to confirm that someone's out there? Lots of ways to get in touch with me here. I got a poll where you guys can comment & an e-mail address. Many thanks!

I'd love to have some contributions! If you have some fanfiction that you'd like posted somewhere (even if it's just to give your site some free publicity, lol), I'm more than willing to put it up! Any genre is welcome, but non-NC17 is preferable. ;) Please e-mail me. (Link is on the menu at the left.)

CSI has offically gotten me hooked, lol. Which is wonderful, 'cause I've lost all touch with Charmed since the move to Sundays, and now I hear that they're getting rid of Julian McMahon. Well, since that's the only reason I tuned in (knew him from Profiler, realized he was a regular on Charmed, so started to watch it), I'm not going to anymore, lol. So if you got some CSI fiction to contribute *please* help me out here. :) I recently added my first CSI fics to the site. You can look for them in the menu, along with the other genres.

I've got FanArt! Hee hee. Just signed up for a message board, and I got into the fanart they had posted, so I decided I wanted to give it a try. Enjoy! (And of course, I'd love some feedback on that too).

This is technically still a ramble, but less pleading than the real ramble. :D

For those that are curious, Astraea was a Goddess of ancient Greek mythology, often associated with the themes of Justice, Innocence, and Purity. She was the daughter of Themis and Zeus. She was the last immortal to withdraw from the Earth after the "Golden Age". It was she that held the scales weighing the opposing parties claims, but I have also read it was her mother, Themis (another goddess of justice). When Astraea joined the rest of the Gods in the stars, she became the constellation Virgo. Thus, I chose this goddess to represent my fansite, as in some minor way, she can be linked to each show. Justice= "Profiler" and "CSI"; Innocence= "Charmed"; and the Stars= "Enterprise". ;)