Profiler Episode Guide

Please note that this page is under construction. This is an incomplete episode listing.

Season One


Single Atlanta women are being murdered, but as Sam (Ally Walker) zeros in on the killer, another serial killer is zeroing in on Sam.

Ring Of Fire

An arsonist is at work in St. Louis, Atlanta and Nashville; serial killer Jack (Dennis Christopher) finds out where Sam (Ally Walker) lives.

Unholy Alliance

The murder of an in-line skater fits the MO of a series of 10-year-old killings, but the man convicted of them is still in prison.

I'll Be Watching You

A senator (Casey Biggs) is targeted by a gunman (Jason Rainwater) whose trademarks include dolls with their eyes cut out.

Unsoiled Sovereignty

While an ecoterrorist fixated on cleanliness (Rob LaBelle) is planting bombs around Pittsburgh, Sam fixes an eye on an attractive ATF bomb expert (A Martinez).

Modus Operandi

Jack is back in business. The serial killer who's been obsessed with Sam (Ally Walker) for five years ends a dry spell by slaying a kindly old man. The murder becomes personal for Sam when she recalls that the victim had fixed her toys when she was a child, and that prompts a sickening thought: If she's linked---however tenuously---to this victim, did Jack target his 17 other victims because they, too, had crossed her path? Which leads to another question: who's next? Maybe Sam's new boyfriend (A Martinez) should watch his back.

Night Dreams

Three women are missing---and two of them were taken from bloody bedrooms where investigators find evidence of a ritual involving candles and the head of a jaguar.

Cruel and Unusual

Murder victims are found in cages with dry-cleaning bags over their heads. They'd been tortured, but each in a different way.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

The unit probes arson and murders on Native American reservations; Jack breaks into Bailey's apartment and steals his ID.

Shattered Silence

A noted Alabama surgeon is abducted upon his return from a consultation in Russia---two years after his best friend, another renowned physician, disappeared.


A psychiatrist at a hospital for the criminally insane is murdered---in the MO of an inmate (Edward Albert), a serial killer who had both motive and opportunity. But Sam, who has a history with the man, doesn't think he did it.

Learning From the Masters

Murder victims turn up in strange "poses," after having been garroted and stabbed. Meanwhile, the VCTF's computer system is acting strangely.

The House That Jack Built

Jack displays his diabolical handiwork on Grace's husband (Norman Snow). But John hits on a way to get to Jack---by hitting on Sam.

Shadow of Angels, Part 1

Just when the agents find Jack's lair, they're sent to probe the murders of two men with ties to a tycoon (James Coburn). A Martinez joins the cast as Nick “Coop” Cooper. Part 1 of two.