((Not for minors. Heavy PG-13, bordering on R from here on out. Just warnin' ya.))

Later: At Nick’s apartment building

Nick pulled into an empty parking spot, popping open the trunk, then getting out of the car, moving to get the bags out.

Driving Bullit behind him, Steffani actually felt better. Mainly because the car still smell like Steve McQueen's cigarettes but because it was will Bullit. "Hey Stranger." She asked him her blue sunglasses covering her eyes. "You wouldn't happen to know if there's any openings in this here building, do ya?"

He smirked. "Well, I can tell ya that there is, but ya gotta room up with someone."

Lowering her sunglasses slightly, Steffani checked out Nick. "How about you?"

"I dunno... haven't had a roomie in a long time..."

"I'm not that bad." Steffani replied killing the engine. "Maybe a little rowdy on occasion but I'm good."

He raised a brow. "I'm scared t' ask," he said once she got out of the car so that he knew she heard him. "Rowdy how? Do I need t' disconnect the stereo? Or lay down some anti-party rules?" He asked joking.

"Har-har." Steffani replied giving Nick a soft kiss. "Depends on the company." She told him, indicating her rowdiness.

"O-kay." He had no idea how to respond to that one. Instead, he kissed her. "Let's hope the company lives up t' your rowdiness," he added with a smirk, grabbing one of the bags from the trunk.

"I have a feeling it will." She replied getting the dogs out of Bullet and grabbed her other bag out of the car. Handing it to Zeus, the dog took the bag with a little grumble but his grumble faded seeing the bag of kibble she brought out, along with her last bag, before closing Nick's trunk.

He actually laughed at the sight. "No way!"

"What?" Steffani asked. "He can roll a watermelon too." She told him with a smile.

Nick laughed. "You gotta show me that part later." He said, leading them towards the building.

"Oh trust me he'll be happy to show off for ya." Steffani replied. "He just has a tendency to eat sponges though."

He smirked. "Now he sounds like Neo. Ferrets *love* spongy things. Had to get rid of all that when I had him and I never bought them again after, so no worries."

Steffani nodded. "And slippers?" She asked bluntly, glancing at Apollo who gave her a 'you’re no fun' look.

"Uhhh...no. How 'bout sandals? Those safe?"

"Very. He hates the taste of leather." Steffani replied.

Nick nodded, pressing the up button. "Got it." The elevator dinged open, and he stepped inside.

Leading the two dogs, Steffani followed. "Nice place so far."

He shrugged a bit. "Only place I could find, actually." He pressed the 3rd floor button. "But, yeah, I like it."

"It's homey." Steffani replied as Zeus sat on her foot.

He smirked. "Lemme guess... next words outta yer mouth are "quaint and cozy"?"

"What the hell does quaint actually mean?" Steffani shot at him. "I get cozy, but quaint?"

"Guess I've listened t' Mom too much. Her and her "Southern Living" magazine," he said with a smirk as he stepped out of the elevator.

"Oh." Steffani replied, booting Zeus in the butt so the dog would walk again. Both dogs dragged slightly, intimidated by the new smells.

He chuckled. "This is the shyest I've seen those two," he said, as he fumbled with the keys, stopping in front of the doorway.

"Oh trust me they'll hide under the bed for an hour before even thinking about venturing out for dinner." Steffani admitted. "They aren't big on new places."

"Good thing my bed's set up then. Although... I may have t' do some cleanin'. I wasn't expectin' company for a few hours..." He finally found the key and opened the door. "So, with that warning, ignore the mess," he added, stepping inside and holding the door open.

"You ignored mine." Steffani stated letting go off the leashes and watched the two dogs bolt straight for the bedroom.

He closed the door behind her. "That I did. But I hate fallin' into the stereotype that men are sloppy. Even though in my case, it's true."

"You never saw Logan's place then. Files to the ceiling. No wonder he was always at the theater base." She smiled remember her old undercover base. "Well Deaq and me were almost always there too, but that's beside the point."

He smirked. "Okay, I'm not that bad. Dishes get cleaned, garbage gets thrown out, laundry gets done... I'm just messy." He said with a laugh, with his free hand putting away his weapon, badge, and her weapon in his mini-safe making sure it locked shut after.

Steffani smiled. "I'll live." She replied. "Promise."

Nick smiled back. "Good." He looked down at her bag. "You want t' unpack? Or just drop this off?"

"Just drop off." Steffani muttered. "I'm not big on unpacking."

He nodded. "Okay. Well, bedroom's that way." He said, keeping the nerves out of his voice, hoping she didn't misinterpret that statement.

"Right." Steffani muttered brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear. She had thought that she and Nick would at least be dating a few more times before moving in together. Chalk one up for life's little ironies, she thought.

He moved down the hallway, motioning to the spaces as he passed by them. "Livin' room and temporary computer area on yer left, what passes for a kitchen on your right." A little further down the hall. "What's eventually gonna be an office on the right, bathroom on the left..." He stepped into the last doorway in front of them. "And bedroom."

"And dogs." Steffani added pointing to the leashes that hung out from one end of the bed. "Very nice... Better than my place, actually." She muttered. "On numerous reasons."

"'Cause there's less space t' move 'round in?" He said with a smirk, as he put down the bags he was carrying.

"Maybe." Steffani answered tossing her bag on the edge of the bed and picked up the bag Zeus had and tossed it next to it.

"How is that a good thing?" He asked as he straightened up and turned to face her, crossing his arms casually and leaning back against the bureau behind him.

"More chances to run into each other." Steffani tossed out. "More chances for - personal comfort." She corrected as quickly as possible, instead of saying my comfort in my twisted life.

He chuckled lightly. "More things t' trip over and land in one another’s arms?"

"You said it, not me."

He smirked. "Oh, the clichés. Anyway, now that we're here... what do ya want t' do?" Not directly asking if she wanted to get her anger out on the weights in case it'd set her off again.

Steffani was silent. "Find a hole and be buried in it." She told him softly looking at the ground.

"That, I'm afraid I can't accommodate ya with." He said, pushing himself off the bureau and moving towards her as he spoke.

"Yeah we're three stories up, hard to find a hole this high up." She agreed.

He grinned, trying to stay light. "Exactly my thoughts."

Steffani didn't return his grin as she slowly sat on the bed. "No couch... always a plus."

"Haven’t gotten it yet. As you can tell, haven't really settled in. Don't see how that's a plus though."

Steffani smiled. "Couches give cricks in the necks." She replied. "Beds don't. Beds are bigger than couches."

He chuckled. "Okay, yeah, that's true.

Crossing her legs as she sat, Steffani looked at Nick. "So." She asked him softly.

He looked down at her, smiling lightly. "We have this conversation a lot, don't we? So...?"

"What do you prescribe, Mr. Hart?" Steffani asked locking eyes with him. "A long bubble bath, or a warm nap?"

"Well, are you sore? Or are you sleepy?"

"No... Depressed. And I've heard those things work, among other things."

He knelt down in front of her, lifting her hand up to his mouth and kissing it tenderly. "Well, a bath will give you time t' think... and if yer not sleepy, lying in bed is gonna make ya restless."

Steffani smiled. "Not if I've got some one to talk to." She replied scooting over slightly to give Nick some room to join her.

Hesitating only slightly, he moved up to the bed next to her. "True."

"And Bailey put you in charge."

"Of what?" He asked with a laugh.

Steffani was silent for a minute. "Me." She told him scooting closer to Nick.

He took her hand in his again. "True. But if I need t' back off, ya tell me. And I'll back off... or continue t' push, 'cause it hasn't stopped me before," he said with a smirk, his words honest despite the humor.

"Promise?" Steffani asked softly as she pulled away from Nick's touch slightly. Drawing her legs up onto the bed, she glanced over at Nick as she rested her head on her legs.

"I promise, Steff. I'm right here when ya need me."

A faint smile crossed Steffani's lips. "That's good to know." She told him with a wink.

He smiled back, then with a slight frown stood, taking off his jacket, laying it across an empty space of tabletop. "Sorry but I've been dyin' t' do that all mornin'. Longest time I've ever been in a suit, I think," he said with a grin, retaking his seat as if nothing had transpired, noticing that the dogs had ventured out from under the bed quicker than she had predicted.

"Why even wear one?" She asked turning to face him, slipping her bare feet out of the black sandal dress shoes she had been wearing as she did. Watching her toes play with his dress pants for a minute Steffani shrugged. "I mean from what I hear they are pretty... annoying."

"I probably won't sooner or later. But for now..." He shrugged. "Wanna *try* and look professional," he added with a wink.

"Oh." Steffani replied. "Oh like my semi-failed attempt?"

"Oh, no, ya look the part. Just, well, ya don't need a reminder 'bout what happened." He said with a light shrug.

"Yeah." Steffani sighed and looked away slightly.

He rubbed her arm lightly with the back of his hand. "Then again, I think you could wear a potato sack and still manage t' look good," he said with a sheepish smile.

Steffani laughed. "You'd look kinda cute in a potato sack too."

He just smiled. "Whatever ya say, Darlin'."

Leaning forward, Steffani kissed Nick. "Don't believe me Cowboy?" She asked with a wicked smile.

He chuckled lightly. "Well, it's not like I got some 'round here t' test out yer theory."

Steffani laughed and hung her head, letting her hair fall into her face. "And I'm sorry to say they weren't on my ‘to bring’ list."

"We'll put that on the grocery list," he said smirking, reaching up and tucking some of her loose strands of hair behind her ear.

"Score a point for the computer guy." Steffani replied as she scooted closer to him, enough to lightly feel his breath. "So as my Guardian Angel what do you think is the best thing for me?" She asked him with a half smile as she looked at him.

"Right now? Only you can decide that. But my recommendation is t' get some rest."

"Rest." She agreed. "Right. How?"

He smiled lightly, trying to stay serious as he spoke, and failing miserably. "Usually ya lie down with a pillow under yer head, then close yer eyes and... well, dunno how the rest works out, but ya get the idea."

"I know that part... but how can I rest when some creep is out there."

"'Cause right now, I'm here. And for what that's worth, he's gotta get through me first. As cliché and corny as that sounds."

Steffani smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder. "It's not corny." She told him. "It's.... macho."

He smiled. "Yeah, well... it's true in this case."

"I know." She informed him kissing his neck playfully a few times.

Nick resisted the urge to shudder. "You are such a tease... I'm tryin' t' figure out if that's a good thin' or not." He muttered distractedly.

"I am not." Steffani retorted as she continued to kiss his neck.

He tilted his head to kiss the nape of her neck. "Yes ya are."

"Are you arguing with me?" Steff asked pausing in her kissing as she intertwined her fingers with his before kissing his neck again. "‘Cause I'm not."

"Apparently I am... And yer teasin' the hell outta me, even if yer unaware of the fact." He massaged her fingers as he spoke, finishing with a kiss to her shoulder.

Kissing Nick again, Steffani scooted closer to him resting a leg on either side of him. "I'm not." She muttered against his skin.

"No, now it's torture." He muttered. Quickly, Nick moved his head to face hers, capturing her lips with his own.

Kissing Nick, Steffani used her free hand to touch his face ever so softly. "Sorry." She apologized before kissing him again.

"Don't apologize... it's part of yer charm..." He admitted, his free hand finding a spot just behind her neck, his fingers tangling themselves through her hair, cradling her head gently as he kissed her.

Steffani smiled as she kissed Nick again. "My charm." She repeated. "I thought I didn't have any." She added wrapping her leg around his waist to pull him closer to her.

He groaned lightly as he pulled his head away from hers, moving his hand to her lips, his thumb playing with her bottom lip once more. He took a deep breath. "I can't believe I'm about t' say this but... we have t' stop... I don't want t' do anythin' ya might regret later on. And if I don't stop now... I don't think I can stop later." He looked at her eyes as he spoke, wanting to show that he wasn't spurning her, just trying to look out for her.

Steffani kissed Nick's thumb. "Don't worry." She told him gently touching face. "I rarely have regrets." She added with a smile. And none with a cute computer guy, she added silently in her mind.

"Carpe diem... right?" Nick said with a smile as his hand played with her lips.

"Damn straight."

He chuckled, then got a little serious. "Seriously though Steff... we need t' talk. 'Cause we seem t' be like magnets when we're 'round each other... not that that's a bad thing but... well, where do ya want t' draw the line? 'Cause I need t' know before I push ya too far."

Pulling away from Nick slightly, Steffani's smile faded. "If you’re worried I'll pop you again, I won't." She told him. "As for a line..." She shrugged.

He had to chuckle. "No, I can handle that occasionally. Just don't make it a habit," he said with a wink. Then he shrugged back at her, just for the hell of it, hoping to get that smile back.

Attempting to hold back the smile, Steffani felt it tug at the corners of her mouth. "I won't." She promised.

"Good," he said, as he kissed her lightly, sealing the deal. "'Cause ya pack a hell of a wallop," he added with a crooked smile.

"It's not just me.. It would probably be the black belt that packs more of the wallop." Steffani replied.

He smirked, knowing exactly what she meant, but saying the next comment anyway. "If ya punch that hard with yer hand, there's no way I'm lettin' ya anywhere near me with a belt."

Steffani laughed. "Very funny, cowboy."

Nick grinned. "Thank ya. I try."

Kissing Nick on the nose, Steffani smiled. "And succeed."

"Glad t' hear it," he said, scrunching his nose up a bit, then rubbing it against hers playfully.

Steffani smiled and listened to the quiet. "Do you have to go back?" She asked softly after a few minutes.

"I... I don't know. I can hold off, sayin' it took a while t' find a hotel... a bit t' unpack... we'll see... With George there, they really don't need me right now. I just hope he calls if they do."

Steffani nodded. "Don't leave me." She whispered to him locking eyes with him. "Not yet."

He matched her gaze and nodded. "Okay, I won't." He settled his hand in her hand again. "Not until you're ready."

Nodding again, Steffani rested her forehead on Nick's. "Tell Bailey I'm sorry." She added, not going into detail on why.

Nick frowned a bit. "For what Darlin'?"

"I said some things..." She trailed off, not really proud of what she had said.

"Darlin', I don't think he'd blame ya for anythin' ya said earlier. But if ya want me to issue a blanket apology t' him, I will. When I see him." He added with a small smile.

"Thank you." Steffani told him. "I just wanna have a job when I go back... Keep food on the table."

Nick chuckled. "And he definitely won't fire ya. Unless ya punched him in greetin' when he came in?"

"Verbally maybe."

He nodded. "I think he can handle it. But I'll tell 'im anyway, if it makes ya feel any better."

Steffani smiled as she looked up at Nick. "It would..." She trailed off. "So.... Dinner." She asked trying to remember the better plans that they had planned.

Nick chuckled. "We're gonna have t' make a visit t' the grocery store if ya want the meal I had planned for ya. If yer not up t' that we could order in and I'll play Emeril another day."

"Either or." Steffani stated. "Works for me.... You promised wine though."

He grinned. "That I think I got a bottle of... somewhere 'round here," he added.

"Good." She told him returning the grin.

"Just tell me, you a happy drunk, sad drunk, or an angry one? Just so I'm prepared." Nick said winking.

"A mellow drunk."

Nick raised a brow. "Didn't expect that one."

"I drink and zone." Steffani replied. "One of the perks of my old job."

"Ya'd call that a perk?"

"Logan did." Steffani admitted. "I considered having cars to fix and race a perk."

He grinned at her. "That seems more like ya."

Steffani smiled. "The local cops weren't that happy though."

He laughed. "I can only imagine. We gonna have t' warn the local Sheriff's office 'bout ya?" Nick asked playfully.

"Bailey made me give it up." Steffani grumbled. She of course kept the fact that she had some ideas were the local street racing went on. Doubt Nick would approve of that one, she thought.

"In a way, I'm glad t' hear that, I gotta admit."

Pulling away Steffani looked at Nick, shocked. "Why’s that?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"The racin' part, not the fixin' part. I mean--" He stopped, taking a breath. "Steff, it shouldn't surprise ya that I'm glad t' hear it... I mean, think 'bout what I know on the subject. The extent of my knowledge is 'fast cars + accidents = painful death.' It may be wrong but... the idea still scares the livin' daylights outta me."

"No accidents." Steffani lied with a smile. "I mean.."

He arched a brow. "Okay, I'm not *that* clueless. There's no way there can ever *not* be accidents."

"Oh come on.. Deaq makes people drive like an old lady... And besides the only time I street raced was to make a case." She lied yet again. Funny how she kept doing that with racing cars.

Nick chuckled. "Whatever ya say. I can certainly see why that appealed t' ya. Look, if yer not comfortable explainin' it, don't worry. I'm sure ya will eventually."

"Is it that hard to figure out?" She asked him oddly.

"Not anymore. But there's gotta be a reason yer not tellin' it t' me."

Steffani shook her head, or at least attempted to for when she did, Nick's fingers pulled her hair. "You'll have to try it some time."

He laughed at the mental image rather than at the thought. "That'll be the day. Can ya imagine?"

"Stranger things have happened." She told him. "I never once thought I'd be working for the FBI... against the FBI maybe, but never once for."

"Okay, I'll concede the point t' ya. Still... the image is amusing the hell outta me."

"Well I never said you'd be behind the wheel."

He chuckled. "Now I'm never gonna let ya drive," he said with a playful wink.

"Har-Har." Steffani shot back in a tone that stated it wasn't funny.

"I'm jokin', I'm jokin'!"

Steffani smiled and kissed Nick. "I know." She told him slyly. "I'm teasin'."

He smiled into her kiss. "Thank goodness," he remarked once the kiss had ended. "I don't ever want t' get on yer bad side. Ever. Have I mentioned that already?" He said with a slight chuckle.

"Once or twice." Steffani replied. "And I don't want to be on yours... again."

He chuckled. "You don't have t' worry too much 'bout that. Bad side of me doesn't appear all that often."

"Trust me, I can make anyone's bad side appear." Steffani replied. "It's a gift."

He smiled at her. "Well, behave. As much as you enjoyed him, I don't like t' be him."

Pouting Steffani lowered her eyes. "Umm then I guess this wouldn't be the best time to tell you something then would it?"

Nick grew a bit fearful at her statement. "About what?"

"You remember that kid... Danny?" Steffani asked.

His eyes widened a bit. "What'd ya do to him?"

"We-uh..." Steffani stated. "Let him go." She blurted out in a quick statement and in one breath.

"Alive?" He asked, slightly confused.

“No in a body bag. Of course alive."

He blinked rapidly. "I... Uhm... wasn't expectin' that. Uh... why?" That was the only thing he could think of now.

Lowering her eyes, Steffani swallowed hard. "Let's just say...second chances." She told him softly.

Nick blinked. "Okay... was he at least helpful? Cooperative with furtherin' the investigation?"

"More or less." She replied. "I got names."

"Okay. Names are good. Chances are, George reworked the forms t' make him a witness. Ya know, cut 'im a deal? That way we'd have a direct connection t' the guys in charge rather than nothin' at all if nothin' else comes outta the search."

Steffani let out a weak smile. "Deal, right." She agreed with a little laugh.

He raised a humored brow. "What, somethin' I'm missin' here?"

"Maybe a little." She told him using her fingers to measure out a little.

He mirrored her little measure with the hand that had been tangled in her hair. "And what's a little?" He asked, trying to keep the conversation light, but failing.

"Well, we let him go. And, well, made it disappear." She told him. "The kid was looking at jail time... and he doesn't need to be the new meat on the block, trust me."

"Darlin', that's what ya do with witnesses. Granted, it's unusual, but..." Nick sighed, lowering his hand, unawares that it landed on her leg. "Well, I'm not in charge, am I? If Bailey has a problem with it, he can deal with it. I got no right t' argue with ya. Not like I was in the room, after all."

"He doesn't know."

"I'm sure George'll tell 'im."

Steffani let out a weak laugh. "Maybe." She agreed.

"They seemed like they got along well. I'm sure he'll tell 'im."

Nodding, Steffani stood up and undid the skirt part of her outfit. Tossing it on her bags, she smiled. "I hate that thing." She muttered, changing the subject, smoothing out her black flares, Steffani noticed how well Nick had taken the news about the kid. But how would she tell him about her being an ex con too... easy she wouldn't.

"Yeah, I'm sure it got annoyin' after a while. Sure looked good on ya though," he said with a smile, looking up at her from his seat on the bed.

"Thanks." She told him. "But dressing for success.. Ain't in my natural skill set."

"What, ya gonna make me shop for ya too?" Nick said smirking.

"No!" Steffani stated with a disgusted look. "I might have to shop for you though."

"Caught ya! See, ya didn't like my tie. And what have ya seen of my wardrobe?"

"Well yesterday.. I think Elton John called. He wanted his shirt back."

Nick pretended to take offense, although it did kind of hurt him. "I am *not* flamboyant in my clothes. It's a light gray dress shirt.. What's so bad about it?"

"On the record...you looked like an accountant." Steffani stated. "Off the record.. Didn't show off stuff." She stated indicating his good looks. "Made you look like a chalk board."

"'Show off stuff'? Darlin', no offense but you have no idea if I got anythin' t' show. And what do ya want me t' wear? A wife beater and a pair of surfer shorts t' work?"

"Maybe." She told him. "A wife beater, jeans would work too."

He shook his head. "I don't think I'll ever show up t' work in anything less than a polo shirt and dockers. Sorry t' disappoint. And before ya start calling me a chalk board, remember that gray’s a form of black," he said, referring to her all black attire.

"Don't diss the blackness of black." Steffani shot back.

"I didn't say anythin' against it, I was just sayin' that..." He stopped. "Steff... we're arguing about clothes." He said, feeling rather absurd.


He raised a brow. "Ya don't find that a bit... weird?"

"Well maybe." Steffani agreed. "But you need new ones."

He shook his head, putting his face in his hands in slight exasperation. "Why? Again, ya don't know what's in my wardrobe. Ya've seen me in what... 3 outfits?"

"Good enough to know you need some flava." She told him. "I hear red is in nowadays... Maybe a blue or a green."

He looked up from his hands. "Okay, blues and green's I got. As bad as this is gonna sound and ya never heard this from me, got it? I know that blues are my good for my eyes. Okay? Geez. Calm down. Red I don't dig that much. Too much an attention seeker. Give me subtle any day," he said, grumbling a bit as he rambled, not quite believing he was having this discussion.

"What's wrong with attention." She told him. "It's so.. yeah!" She told him with a smile and a little laugh.

"Do ya think I'm one for wantin' attention? Steff, I've never been one t' ‘show off’ in my wardrobe. And I doubt I ever will. If it fits, perfect. If it looks good, that’s even better. If a navy blue tie doesn't match with a light gray shirt *and* a charcoal gray jacket, it's not the end of the world for me." He gave her a look. "Yer enjoyin' this, aren't ya?"

Walking over to Nick, Steffani sat on his lap with her legs on either side. "And why wear a tie all the time? You said you don't like ‘em, so don't wear em." She told him resting her arms on his shoulders.

He sighed, wrapping his arms around her waist automatically. "'Cause it's the FBI? I want t' look professional for awhile before I start dressing more t' my comfort level? I dunno why. For all I know, it's force of habit. If it's offendin' ya, feel free t' remove it. Sheesh."

"Aiight." Steffani told him. Reaching down, she undid his tie and tossed it over her shoulder. Loosing the first couple of buttons on his collar, Steffani smiled. "It's a start."

Nick visibly gulped at her actions. How long had it been since that'd happened? He shut his eyes. 'Self-control, Nick, self-control,' he quickly reminded himself before opening his eyes again. 'Oh god, was she closer to him now?' Nick gulped again, opening his mouth to speak. "Sehhh..." He cleared his throat. 'Let's try that again,' he thought. "See... you *are* a tease..." He said softly, somehow managing eye contact as he spoke.

"Oh no.. I'm a fashion critic." Steffani told him with a wink. "This is a tease." She told him before giving him a passionate kiss.

He groaned into her kiss, pulling her closer to him nonetheless as he returned her kiss with as much intensity as she had.

Touching Nick's face, Steffani scooted closer to him. Steff you’re insane, she thought. Kissing Nick, she pulled away slowly for some air. "That's a tease." She told him slowly.

When she pulled her lips away from his, he felt his head fall slightly towards hers due to momentum. "Dear God..." were the only words that he managed to get out.

Smiling, Steff kissed Nick again this time with not as much passion but it was still a powerful kiss. "No regrets." She told him softly.

His eyes sought hers, once again seeking confirmation to her words, as he leaned forward to kiss her back, trying to ignore what every fiber of his being was telling him: 'Lay down, for goodness sakes!' Because in spite of her words, he *didn't* want to take advantage of her, even despite their current situation... and despite how much he actually did want to. God! She was driving him insane!

Looking at Nick, Steffani traced a finger down the side of his face before running it down his shirt following the buttons. Bending forward, she kissed him again her left hand's fingers fumbling with the buttons to his shirt. ‘No regrets.. None,’ she thought to herself with a smile.

Nick *lost* it when he felt her fumbling with his shirt. He grabbed her tight, pulling her backwards onto the bed, flipping her onto her back, elevating himself slightly above her with his arms, kissing her fiercely on the lips.

Steffani barely noticed that she was now lying on the bed. Continuing the kiss with Nick, Steffani got the lower buttons undone and slid her hand onto his stomach.

Somehow, Nick managed to shrug off his shirt without interrupting their kissing. His hand ducked under her shirt, raising it up to bare her own stomach, not realizing how futile it was to try and get it off her one handed.

Sliding down, Steffani helped Nick pull her shirt off her. Breaking the kiss, she looked at Nick for a minute as she wrapped her left leg around his right one.

Kissing her deeply, he pulled his head away from hers as he made eye contact, regaining some of his thought processes for a moment. "Are ya *sure* Darlin'?" Nick asked, his accent thick, his heart racing.

Brushing her hair out of her face, Steffani nodded. "No regrets." She repeated pulling him down.

Part Three