((Two years ago))

"Hey hun, I'm home," he called out as he entered their one room apartment, the humor evident in his voice. His smile disappeared from his face when he heard a muffled groan from the bedroom. He pulled the gun out of his holster and moved swiftly to the doorway. Taking a breath, he spun into the room, gun raised. "Freeze, FBI!" The sight that awaited him was something that changed his life forever.

"Dammit Nick! What the hell do you think you're doing, pointing your gun at me?!" Nick quickly holstered his weapon, about to retort back with a comment about her groan, when he took in his surroundings. Standing before him, was his fiancÚ... in front of a closed, and apparently filled, piece of luggage on the bed.

"Lexi... where are ya goin'?" He saw a sigh wrack her body.

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this in person. Nick.. I can't do this."

"...Do what?" He asked fearfully. She sighed again.

"I can't marry you." The world grew silent around him; nothing registered outside of the familiar timbre of her voice. When he finally realized what she said, he forced himself to get words out of his mouth.

"Why... Why not?" A pause.

"Nicky... Nicolas... I can't go through with it. It's not you. It's me."

"Lexi, don't give me that. If you're... leavin'... tell me why." She looked at him.

"Okay Nicolas. I... don't love you like I thought I did. We've had some good times... I'll never forget you. But I just can't do it. I'm sorry." She picked up her luggage, emitting the same groan that he had earlier, and started to move past him when he spoke again.

"Why now?" Clearly, that wasn't what she had expected to hear from him, because she froze just to the right of him, still facing away. "Why did ya decide to leave me now?" His voice was soft; she could barely hear him.

"I saw you with Olivia the other day." Nick's face was a mask of pure confusion.

"Olivia? But she's..." Alexia raised her hand to stop him.

"I know. I know. Let me finish. You'd never cheat on me. You'd never cheat on anyone. But... when I saw you with her..." She paused, as if deciding how direct she should be. "I wasn't jealous. And I knew I should be. It... caused me to reevaluate us. And I realized I can live without you." Nick closed his eyes. That was the harshest sentence anyone had ever told him... and she couldn't even tell it to his face.

"Ya always were brutally honest," he managed to get out. "I love that about you... Please, Lexi, don't make me say 'loved' in that sentence."

He never got a reply.

When he opened her eyes a few moments later, she was gone.

He sank into the bed in a state of near shock. Falling backwards on their --- his bed, he let the sobs take over his body.